The Magic of Life Foundation

The Magic of Life Foundation

The Magic of Life

Mission Statement

The Magic of Life Foundation, a 501 (C)3 organization, was founded in April 2015 to assist Michael in his mission in preventing impaired driving in communities. Impaired driving is a community issue which requires support to make our streets safer. The Magic of Life’s mission is to provide impaired driving prevention programs with heart, soul and humor for schools, colleges, military bases and court DUI intervention programs. We also assist children impacted by drunk driving and award students who are leaders in their school community that are making smart decisions when it comes to impaired driving and alcohol use.

Help us prevent impaired driving!

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We can work together in preventing impaired in our communities. Schools, colleges and even military bases would like to bring the program to their community but their budgets are shrinking. Preventing drunk driving is a community issue, so we are asking for support in assisting us to bring The Magic of Life to as many communities as possible. If you make a donation of at least $20, you will get a “The Magic of Life” wristband and if Gene Simmons of KISS has one, then you should too!

If you are a school trying to secure funding for The Magic of Life, reach out to your community leaders, PTA and local businesses to help be a part of the solution in preventing impaired driving. We are a 501( C )3 organization (Tax ID: 46-0765699) and their assistance will help save lives. You can also raise money by having your students sell The Magic of Life wristbands that also have “I pledge not to drive drunk” on them.

You can use the form to make donation or can send check/money order to:
The Magic of Life Foundation
1396 Buckingham Gate Blvd. #24
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221

The Magic of Life

The Magic of Life

About Us

We are sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, regular people in the community who have been impacted by impaired driving and trying to make our community safer. We hope you join us in our campaign through The Magic of Life.

Board of Directors

Executive Director – Michael Gershe
Secretary – Jack Davis, Chief of Police, Cuyahoga Falls
Treasurer – Andy Shockney, President, What Box Consulting Group, LCC
Christine Moncheck – Programs Account Manager
Jacki Roessler – Financial Planner, Center for Financial Planning, Inc.
Shirley McCormack – Wellness Coach and Certified Yoga Instructor