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Michael Gershe is a professional speaker and comedian with over 20 years’ experience, who shares his powerful and inspirational story of being a survivor of a drunk driving crash that killed his mother and almost himself when he was barely 8 weeks old. Despite breaking nearly every bone in his body in the crash, he became a collegiate swimmer, college educator, entertainer and author. He uses humor to bond with the audience in his programs that have been called, “funny, relatable and meaningful.”

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The Magic of Life Program

The Magic of Life is a “funny, relatable and meaningful” educational and inspirational alcohol awareness/impaired driving prevention program. This program is not your standard “doom and gloom” program as it combines stand –up comedy, audience participation and Michael’s powerful story.

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Jewish Born, Jamaican Raised Diversity Program

Want a different type of diversity program that is humorous, heartfelt and will leave your audience with an amazing message? Jewish Born, Jamaican Raised is about how one Jamaican woman helped raise two Jewish boys as her own after a family tragedy.

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The Magic of Life Foundation

Created in 2015, The Magic of Life Foundation is a 501(C) 3 organization whose mission is to provide impaired driving prevention programs, help children impacted by drunk driving and provide scholarships for student leaders who are making their communities safer. Learn, laugh, inspire!

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In my 30 years in education, I have seen hundreds of school assemblies and yours was by far the best.

Louie Lusk, Prevention Specialist, Southeastern IL Counseling Centers, Inc. March 7, 2017


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